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2005-08-07 - 2:31 p.m.

OK. I'm being obsessive because I want to catch up to the current information, and because I'm, well, obsessive.

I have OCD and I have it under control. I got it from a car accident with a closed-head injury about ten years ago. It's a long, boring story and I may not go into, but at some future date it may seem appropriate, so I will then.

Anyway, once I got to the point of finding out I could possibly be the donor for my co-worker Troy, here is the rest up to the current date.

In November, 2004, I found out we were the same blood type, then I didn't hear anything else! It was so strange. We got the info that I was a blood type match, then they said they would get in touch with me but I never got anything to fill out, or asked to take tests - nothing!

Troy said he was very unhappy with the doctor, the transplant office, the individuals at the office...etc. In March, 2005, he said his sister-in-law was tested and was also a potential donor. I was glad for him, since he knew her and she was family, and she wanted to do this for him. I didn't think more about it until I heard he was going for the transplant in June. His department had a gathering with cake and tears and well-wishers. The surgery would be the next day. He had paid several thousand dollars for his sister-in-law, brother, and their kids to fly here and to put them in a hotel.

The day started out fine. People in his department said they hadn't heard anything but were sure it was going fine. Then his ex-girlfriend (who still works with him) came to my office in tears and said they would not do the operation because they had a positive crossmatch and his blood killed her white blood cells and everyone was upset and Troy was furious.

Whew. That was a lot of information. I got online and found out what the hell she was talking about.

Apparently, if you match blood types, you have two other integral tests that must go well. One is the tissue matching, which can be a match of one to six antigens (I'm trying hard to get this right). Even in a total stranger you could get a match of six, thanks to the fact that all of our ancestors slept with family members for decades and the gene pool is not as segregated as one might think. So they had enough of a match to go forward, then since she was in South Carolina and he was here in Vegas, they did not do the crossmatch test. This is the crucial test which can be a showstopper. (But, there are centers now that transplant regardless of the crossmatch test, which makes it possible for many more people to get a transplant.) Since they did not do the crossmatch test until the morning of the surgery, they did not know that she would not be able to donate.

Of course, he was furious. He could have had her flown out prior to the surgery date and done the test, or he could have flown to her for it. But the transplant team he used did not do the positive crossmatch surgery, so the deal was off.

Enter, ME. Although you can say that sounds like some sort of sexual demand, that is not how I meant it. Notice the punctuation, Einstein. Jeesh.

Enough for now. Titillated yet?

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