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2005-08-07 - 1:44 p.m.

OK. Here I go. I don't normally 'blog or keep a journal online, but I was reading a few of these and thought, "Why not?". If it proves to be too tedius or mind-numbingly boring, you will hear the last of me quickly.

This journal will keep track of my attempt to donate a kidney to a co-worker. I know - crazy! You're saying this but you have to hear me out because a great deal of thought has gone into this and I want to explain it.

First of all, I am not related to Troy, nor are we having a torrid affair or secretly planning to overthrow the corporation. He is a nice guy with kids and no wife, he works hard (like I do), puts in way too many hours (like I do), and genuinely cares about the outcome of his efforts (like I obsessively do).

It started out innocently enough, with a brief e-mail in October, 2004, stating that he was in renal failure with no time left before he must go on dialysis, and would anyone be willing to be testing for a possible donor match? I ignored it.

The next time I heard about it was in November, 2004, when another co-worker said a few people had been tested and no one was a match, or the blood type was okay but there were underlying issues to prevent them from being donors. I knew of two people who had been tested and rejected. I thought I should probably get tested, since I am the consummate volunteer and didn't have a problem with it, if I was ultimately the match. My only problem with it at all was that I never had the time to do anything but work. I made the time.

I was tested and found quickly that I was the correct blood type. Type O+, and he is O something but it doesn't matter as long as I am type O. Apparently we are 'universal' and anyone can accept our blood. Imagine that - me, ordinary again.

So, I will outline what has happened since that day and what is happening at this point. Hopefully, I will be taking you through the actual transplant and after.

Thanks for reading. If you're here by accident, go pound sand.

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